It is very good news that India has now dropped the price of visas for UK passport holders entering the country on holiday. A 30-day tourist e-visa between April and June will now be US$ 10, and between July to March will be US$ 25. This is a substantial reduction. They are also intending to offer new 1-year and 5-year e-tourist visas. We also are delighted to hear that the Tiger population is still increasing in India – any good news on tiger conservation is encouraging. A lot of the success of tiger conservation is due educating the local population to be part of the conservation process. Keep it up India!

We have heard from a number of friends and clients that they would love to go to India, but are a little apprehensive about doing it independently for their first visit. We have a number of small group, individually created, tours which would be ideal for anyone feeling this way. Upcoming dates will be added to the website shortly, or do contact us to check when they will be running.

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